we have a problem with a Newsfeed web part. By replacing an image with a different image of the same name in the same library, the Newsfeed web part is still showing the old replaced image. We deleted the browser cache but it didn´t help. We also tried flushing the BLOB cache in the SharePoint Server, but it didn´t help either.

Did anyone had similar problems?

Best regards


You can trace the problem with below steps

  • Go to your Newsfeed and inspect the image and check the path using browser developer tool (F12 Shortcut).
  • Take your new image path.
  • Compare these 2 image paths to make sure both are referring same paths.
  • You can also check by placing paths in browser address and see which images it downloads.
  • I tested it on a test environment and somehow it worked. The image was immediately changed. Now we need to test it in the production environment. Will comment on that later.
    – Ivica1987
    May 19 '17 at 12:19

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