I currently have a List with thousands of entries. This List is used to manage requests for documentation purposes. Currently, the List form (customized in InfoPath) has a single line of text field for the user to enter the document title. We want to eliminate the manual entry.

We have a separate Data List which contains all of our thousands of document titles. This List contains other metadata like Business Area and Document Type. I want to create a Document Title Lookup field in our current List Request Form which will lookup the values of the document title in the other List. This is easy enough to do. However, I want to be able to filter this drop-down field based on the selection of the Business Area and Document Type that the user selects on the Request Form (these fields already exist on the Request Form).

I am struggling on how to do this. i have walked through many articles on implementing cascading drop-downs and filtered lookups with no success. The issue seems to be that I am using multiple filters.

Does anyone have any ideas or has implemented a similar solution?

Thanks, Mike

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