I want to programmatically (c# csom) create anonymous view links to SharePoint online documents to enable guest users to View the documents without requiring them to sign in. After extensive research, I found these two snippets code.

This supposedly creates the link:

var newRoleAssignment = new UserRoleAssignment() { Role = Role.View, UserId = "" };

                                new List<UserRoleAssignment>() { newRoleAssignment },
                                validateExistingPermissions: true,
                                additiveMode: true,
                                sendServerManagedNotification: true,
                                customMessage: null,
                                includeAnonymousLinksInNotification: true);

And this, retrieves the link from the document:

var objSharingInfo = ObjectSharingInformation.GetObjectSharingInformation(
                            ctx, item, false, true, false, true, true, true, true);
                    orderDets = objSharingInfo.AnonymousViewLink;

The problem with the first snippet is that I don't know which UserID to pass. I tried with an empty string and with my account's ID and in both cases when loading the objSharingInfo (in the second snippet) I am getting an Exception with a message of "Unknown Error".

When I load the objSharingInfo on other items, independently to Snippet 1, on documents whose guest link would already have been manually created from SharePoint: Snippet 2 works and I can extract the link from objSharingInfo.

Any help would be appreciated - or else maybe there are any other ways to achieve this?


To generate the anonymous link, you can use the below code:

string link = context.Web.CreateAnonymousLinkForDocument("https://tenantname.sharepoint.com/Documents/sample.docx",ExternalSharingDocumentOption.View);

To share the document, you can use the below code:

SharingResult result = context.Web.ShareDocument("https://tenantname.sharepoint.com/Documents/sample.docx", "someone@example.com", ExternalSharingDocumentOption.View,true, "Doc shared programmatically");

External sharing API for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

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