In SharePoint Online we have group called Security group.

Please see the image below.

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I have to create Security Group in SharePoint 2013 (On-premise).

How can I create Security Group?

What is Security Group?

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To add security group please follow below steps.

Navigate to Groups > Groups.

TIP: You can also enter text similar to add security group into the Tell me what you want to do ... search box and the New Group dialog will open if you choose Add a group from the Tasks list.

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On the Groups page, choose Add a group.

In the Type drop-down, choose Security group

Type a name and description for the group, and then choose Add > Close.

To add members, select the Security group on the Groups page and choose Edit members on the Bulk actions for groups selected dialog.

Type the name of the person you want to add in the Search box and then choose Add.

To remove members choose Remove next to their name.

Your next question

What is Security group?

You can manage users of SharePoint sites more efficiently if you assign permission levels to groups instead of to individual users. A SharePoint group is a set of individual users and can also include Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) groups

Please visit the below link for more.


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A security group is really more of an Active Directory thing than a SharePoint thing (assuming you're using AD). In AD, a security group is a group which can be used to assign permissions through discretionary access control lists. In SharePoint, permissions can be assigned to AD security groups, and AD security groups can be indirectly assigned permissions by adding them as members to SharePoint Groups.

The other type of AD group is called a Distribution List, which is more like an email alias. They cannot be used to assign permissions (in or out of SharePoint) and cannot be added as members to SharePoint groups.

So the answer to your question is, you create a security group in Active Directory.

Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/sites/overview-of-security-groups-in-sharepoint-server

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