I created custom timer job in my dev.environment. It is medium complex one that targets multiple lists and documents libraries and at last, it will apply item level permissions for a matching list items in a target document library.

The issue is, its working fine when I performed the debugging the code after attaching owstimer.exe and it successfully applied for the permissions. But when I ran it from the central admin UI, by clicking the RUN NOW button, it didn't work. and also when I set it as 15 minutes interval, after 15 minutes, it did not run as well. what may be the issue?

  • I have restarted the sptimer services multiple times

  • I have activated the web application scoped timer job feature through PowerShell multiple times.
  • Did the iisreset

All these activities also in vain. When I clicked on RUN NOW, the permissions were NOT APPLIED and it didn't work. Is there any other activity I need to perform in order to work it correctly?

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