I have a lookup list ‘Products’ which had two fields as follows


The values in GroupLvL1 can be repeated but those in products must be unique. The list below should give the idea.

GroupLvL1, ItemNumber
A,         X
A,         Y
B,         M
B,         N
C,         P
C,         Q

Now I am required to add a new field, GroupLvL2, which is at a higher level such that

GroupLvL2, GroupLvL1, ItemNumber
R,         A,         X
R,         A,         Y
R,         B,         M
R,         B,         N
S,         C,         P
S,         C,         Q

The values from the ‘Products’ list are used in another list as multi-valued lookups. To this list I added a column GroupLvL2 (also multi-valued). Now I need to update the data in GroupLvL2 with relevant values for the already populated GroupLvL1 and ItemNumber values. I tried using MS Access to do this but keep encountering all manner walls mostly due to the multi-valued nature of the fields.

Any ideas how I can go about this please?


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