I'm currently in the process of migrating some SharePoint sites to SharePoint Foundation 2013. However, there is one site where I keep getting the error "Invalid List Template" I turned off the custom errors in the web.config, which throws the same error as shown below. Invalid list template error

I also noticed that some sites fail to load. For example, when i append the following URL to my site: /_layouts/settings.aspx it works. But when i click on a link on this page, some pages work and some don't, with an "404 not found" error.

Any help would be appreciated.


For anyone who still works on WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Services):

I managed to solve this problem by installing Service Pack 3 on the original source server, since this is a very old SharePoint-site. When I ran the SharePoint configuration wizard again, the problem went away.

You can then detach/attach the database like you would during a normal upgrade ;)

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