I need to use some event receiver and handler functionalities into my SharePoint sites, but unfortunately I can't install SP Server or SP Foundation on my computer. I tried to use Visual Studio but this application do not allow create such features without having installed SP Server or Foundation. Is this the only way to get access to event handler and receiver?

If it won't be possible I will just change approach and I will try to create my funcionalities in other way.

  • Are you in SharePoint Online? You cannot (should not) create an Event Receiver with SPO. You have to use SharePoint app development, and create a Remove Event Receiver. – wjervis May 10 '17 at 18:47

Your only option to create Event Receivers in SharePoint Online is to create a Remote Event Receiver. You do not need SharePoint installed to develop this, but you do need a web site to deploy it to. Azure Web Apps work really well for this, but you can use a regular server or another cloud provider if you wish.

Setting up an RER is really simple, but the tooling and documentation are really poor. You do not necessarily need to create an app, but some of the app tooling is pretty helpful.

Because I've written so many Remote Event Receivers, and because the tooling is inadequate, I've released a "Starter Project" on Github that eliminates a lot of the setup. Feel free to use it and provide feedback.



You have a few options in SharePoint online, but traditional event receivers are not one of them. In on-prem environments, event receivers run in memory on the SharePoint box, and as such as disallowed in the cloud environment. So while there are a few options in the cloud, they all have the same attribute of not running directly on sharepoint, but rather run somewhere else.

  1. As derek mentioned, there are remote event receivers. This is one of the original options. These work, but there are now better options.

  2. Webhooks. This is the new version of remote event receivers. These have a few advantages, and I think these should be used for new development over RERs. The basic intro to these is here.

  3. Workflow. I know workflow is not the same as an event handler, but certainly there are cases where event handlers could be built out as workflow instead. Workflow options include SharePoint Designer, Flow, and Azure Logic Apps.

  • Thanks for response. I don't have enough time for learning such a new things so I will just change method. I thought many times about workflows but workflows don't provide an actions started when certain item is deleted, which is very important for me in my project – tm_ May 11 '17 at 16:31

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