I having a problem with a development the a report.

Currently this report are development with Open XML but it is very complicated and demand much time. I need know if exists a way diferent for development a report what consume data of list of SharePoint 2013 a very few time.

  • The answer strongly depends on the complexity of your report and the cardinality of requirements to have it as an OpenXML document. May 10, 2017 at 16:18

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There are a lot of reporting options that enable you to show Data from SharePoint List like

Also, check the comparison among the above options at

So which reporting option should you choose?

All the above options help you to show data from SharePoint List but Which option should you use? Ther are 6 factors you should be aware of them before deciding to use a specific tool:

  • The SharePoint Edition.
  • SharePoint Topology.
  • The Capability of the tools.
  • The Tool License.
  • The Client Requirement.
  • your knowledge with this tool.

Based on the above factors you can easily decide which tool should you use.

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