I'm working on a solution where permissions are added to users in a very customized way.

When I'm creating an item on my list, I break role inheritance (item.BreakRoleInheritance(true);).

I need to have a role where members that have no permissions whatsoever are able to see a (custom) display form when given a URL to it.

At first I thought that when I add ViewListItems BasePermissions on that item for a user then it would suffice to let user open the display form, however it didn't.

Which other permissions needs a user have (on Web/List/Item level) to be able to see the form?

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See: https://365csi.nl/toolkit/permissionsplanner.html?l=en

and then hover over the "View Only" column

Maybe you could even trim to "Limited Access" and only add View Items


I've discovered empirically that these permissions are required on item level but also on Web level for a user to display a (custom) display form:

"ViewListItems", "ViewPages", "ViewVersions"

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