Trying to send two emails to two different groups once a certain test passes. If emails should be sent, send to group one - if a second test passes, send to second group.

I have it set up like so:

enter image description here

The issue is, whether I put the second conditional first or second, only the first email gets sent.

It's not an else clause, because you may have a situation where both emails are sent.

Is there's some rule of which I'm unaware that only allows one email to be sent in a conditional block? Is there a way or a need (not that I see how) to make that second if a "then if" to make clear both steps need running? Is there a more explicit "brackets" construct that I need? I'm assuming that everything in the indented section should be done, but does sending an email automatically escape out?

Guidance appreciated.

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you can have your logic as follows

If condition1 is true then
    send an email to the first group
If condition2 is true then
    send an email to the second group

You need to have simple if condition to send an email when it matches.


The option with no If clause of its own needed no test other than the original "if modified by" test. But I gave it a "if 1=1" so it had its own, and both emails send if required.

enter image description here

That was quick!

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