I have a list with broken down data that is aggregated to some kind of combined ID data format that references a certain file. (Say, there is a file called 123-1. I have a field then that stores "123" and another one that stores "1"). I also have a column that calculates some kind of numeric data field based on these columns in the list.


Prefix Core Suffix Combined
123 123 123 369

"Combined" is the column of interest of this post...

However, to my dismay, as I tried adding this column as a site column, it did not work. It appears that site columns cannot be added if the field is a number calculated field. Is that correct? Or did I miss something?

I also tried, maybe I can just create a calculated site column to make this work instead. But apparently, I cannot seem to reference any lookup site column in my calculated site column formulae when I tried creating a calculated site column.

Ultimately, I am trying to use the site column as a way to transfer data from a parent site to some child sites. I tried going with the approach of recreating all the data needed to calculate what I need in the child site, but I run into the same problem that the lookup column based on a site column in a child site is not allowed to be used in a calculated column within that list I created in the child site.

Any suggestions on a workaround? Thanks!!

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    Lookup fields cannot be referenced in the calculated columns. You will need workflow to update fields. See this if this meets your requirements: tjendarta.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/… – SharePointer May 7 '17 at 9:01
  • I was delighted when I saw this, and thought it is going to solve the worlds' problems! But I am wrong... This works for the primary site column but does not work for other associated columns. Taking our sample table up there, It works for the 369 that was set as a site column, but it did not work for the 123 that was also designated as available for use. Thanks! – Isa May 9 '17 at 1:04

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