I see a new magazine has launched called SharePointPro. Are they really using dotnetnuke for their site? ;)

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So what, just because you can - with loads of effort and money - build a site a on a certain technology (SharePoint), it doesn't mean that you should. They picked a platform that is much more fit for their purpose, a wise decision.

Did you know that SharePoint Overflow is not based on SharePoint? Outrageous! :-p


SharePoint Pro mag is part of Pention Media which does the Connections conferences (Dev, Windows, Virtualization, SharePoint, Exchange, etc) as well as publish quite a few different magazines, including SHarePoint Pro. The SharePoint folks would love to move to SharePoint, but as a company they are on the DNN platform.

Course I wish it was on SP as well, but I understand the reason it isn't.

  • And not forgetting that coprorate policy is only one reason that this situation may occur. Sometimes SP just is not the appropriate solution. – Charles Lee Apr 1 '10 at 21:17
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It can be a licencing issue.