I had to add google analytics code in a Sharepoint 2010 website. I have added the script to master page from Sharepoint designer. But thescript` is not reflecting in the site. Do I have to do anything else other than saving the page. If yes, please explain the procedure and steps as I am new to this environment.

Thanks, Rahul K

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    ensure the master page file is published (and approved) as a major version – TARUN May 5 '17 at 10:16
  • Open the space where you file is kept right click and check in as major version . It will reflect. – OM-ॐ May 5 '17 at 10:37

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In Browser, Open the SharePoint site >> Go to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Galleries.
  • click on Master pages and page layouts.
  • Find your master page and click on the arrow beside its to open ECB menu.
  • Check In the master page.
  • Publish this master page with Major Version by clicking on Publish a major version.
  • Also approve the master page by clicking on Approve/Reject.

After that your changes will be reflected in the SharePoint site.

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