When opening most (not all) workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013, I am not getting any of the workflow logic and I am only seeing 'Insert a Stage by using the Stage button on the Ribbon'.

I began experiencing this specific problem today, and I have been using SharePoint Designer 2013 for this company for over a year. (I had several other issues with Designer, just not this one)

I tried to open one of the affected workflows on my colleague's SharePoint designer and the Workflow opened correctly.

When running the workflow from SharePoint, it works as supposed to. So the Workflow logic does not seem to be lost, but just wont load on my Designer client. (Would not be surprised that is simply fed up of me to be honest, lol)

These are the things I tried numerous times. Neither worked.

1) Restart the PC 2) Delete the cache (everytime I did 1, 3 or 4) 3) Re-Install the 64 bit version 4) Install the 32 bit version

What is strange however, that even though I am deleting the cache, the Designer is not asking me to re-enter the credentials. I think had the cache really been deleted, it would ask me to login again.

These are the 2 locations from which I am deleting the Cache:



%USERPROFILE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache Any clues? Daily SharePoint designer problems are very not fun :(


As suggested by S Merchant, SP1 fixed my issue.

It can be downloaded from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2817441/description-of-microsoft-sharepoint-designer-2013-service-pack-1-sp1

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