I have created an SPFx app with below artifacts

  1. A custom list
  2. A content Type
  3. Site Columns
  4. MS Flows on custom list.

i want to package my MS Flows along with SPFX app. But i don't have any clue how to package the flow with app.

Any Help ?


I'm not sure that provisioning MS Flows via SPFX is supported yet or if it will ever be. According to this link from MS (https://dev.office.com/sharepoint/docs/spfx/toolchain/provision-sharepoint-assets) the assets you can provision in SPFX are:

  • Fields
  • Content Types
  • List Instances
  • List Instances with custom schema
  • Thanks nikolaj. actually i want to develop apps using spfx that i can provide as single app package. containing list creation , site columns creation , content types creation etc along with the required workflows/MS Flows. if i cannot package the workflow/flows with app package (.sppkg or .app in add-in model) the app can not be provided as a single package. i want to create apps that end user will just install in sharepoint and start to use. – Fawad Ali Siddiqi May 23 '17 at 18:16

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