i am creating a dynamic Page Viewer web part from the user control code behind .. something like this:

PageViewerWebPart oWebPart = new PageViewerWebPart(); 
oWebPart.ContentLink = WebPart.WebPartContentLink.ToString(); 

the problem i am having is Height/Width.... do i need to provide user to set the height and width for the Page Viewer in the Prop window?

oWebPart.Height = "<user input>" 
oWebPart.Width  = "user input>" 

any help how should i deal with this issue?

I try to set the Height/Width of the web part that i have created through:


but no avail.

custom web part for Page Viewer web part through code-behind but i am unable to set height and width after i edit my custom web part and i select inches and set to 12 but nothing has happen...

Any Insight?

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I have a brief description of how to the user can update the nested web part with the default properties editor here.

Basically, you would write something like this in your code-behind:

oWebPart.Height = this.Height  
oWebPart.Width  = this.Width

That way, your nested page viewer web part will inherit what the user typed.

The page viewer web part is just an <iframe> element in the HTML, while your web part is most likely a <div> element surrounding it. By default the <iframe> has a fixed size, which is why the default properties resizing the <div> appears to disregard resizing the page viewer.

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