This may sound stupid but i am running into situation where i have backup of content-db that had RBS enabled from SP 2010 and i am going to migrate it to SharePoint 2013.

I just have a backup , and i restored it in SQL 2014 but not attached to any web-application yet. How do i remove file stream blob and get those back in SQL from the content-db before attaching it to SharePoint?

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You can move BLOBs back to the content database. If you do that, you still have the extended database-schema of RBS. If you also want to get rid of this, you should move your SiteCollections to a new content database. Then migrate it to SharePoint 2013.

  • Make sure you have enough diskspace on your SQL-Server to hold all migrated data

  • Check the number if externalized BLOBs in your database with the following SQL-Query:
    select COUNT(*) from AllDocStreams where RbsId is not null

  • Use the following PowerShell to migrate your data back to the database:

    $db= Get-SPContentDatabase -Name
    $rbs = $db.RemoteBlobStorageSettings

  • You should now get a number of 0 if you execute the SQL-Query from step 2 again. Please note that your BLOBs will not be deleted from your BLOB-Disk by the Migrate() function!

  • Create a new empty SharePoint contentdatabase via CentralAdmin or New-SPContentDatabase

  • Move your SiteCollections (one after each other) with Move-SPSite to your newly created contentdatabase (Move-SPSite http://servername/sites/sitename -DestinationDatabase YourNewDatabase)

  • Please note that your SiteCollection will not be available during the move-process. Moving large sites can take a lot of time (hours). Do not interrupt the process (CTRL+C) as it will result in a broken SiteCollection!

  • If no longer required, you can delete the old database with Remove-SPContentDatabase

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