is there any function that can delete or erase all numbers in a single column?

example: i want to erase all zeros(0)


and results should be:


  • Do they really need to be deleted from the Field Value, or are you fine when only in the View display they are replaced? Apr 27, 2017 at 8:37

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It depends on what you need

Replace characters in the View or Form (SP2013/SP2016/SPO)

This can easily be done with CSR (Client Side Rendering)

  • User the Cisar WYSIWYG CSR editor
  • one simple function for use on Views/Forms

    var fieldvalue=ctx.CurrentItem[ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.Name];
    return fieldvalue.replace(/0/g,'');

Replace characters in value (Calculated Column) (SP2003 - SPO)

SharePoint has no SUBSTITUTE function, and the REPLACE function only replaces ONE string instance

So all you can do is nest FIND & REPLACE and merge them into one Formula

(so Output_1 to Ouput_6 are not required)



Alas SharePoint can only nest 7 levels, so you can't merge Output_7 into Output_8

Output_8 needs to start from Output_7 Calculated Column (replace Input with Output_7 in the above Formula)

Hacky alternative, replace in View only

using JavaScript in a Calculated Column (SP2013,16,SPO - except Modern Experiences)

Provided you only need this in a View and can live with the (minor) sideeffects

You create only one Calculated Column, set to output as Number with the Formula:

="<img src=/_layouts/images/blank.gif onload=""{"
 &"var TD=this.parentNode.parentNode;"
 &"TD.innerHTML='" & Col &"'.replace(/0/g,'');"

This will rework Col every time it is displayed in a View, so you can't use the "Calculation" anywhere else.

Explanation and why JavaScript in a Calculated Column (in a VIEW!) works is here:http://www.viewmaster365.com/#/How

This is easier implemented than CSR, but CSR can do it for you on Forms as well.

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