Am on creating a simple SharePoint to-do list web-part, to do this need to access the SharePoint List named To-doList there i stored all the tasks. how could i access it through the type script or is there any methods in SharePoint Frame Works ?

    private _getlistdata(): void{
  let html: string="";
  const elemennt: Element= this.domElement.querySelector("#listdata");

  pnp.sp.web.lists.getByTitle("DispListApp").get().then(Response => {

      elemennt.innerHTML= html;

i have added this code and get connect to the List Named DispListApp but unable to display the list items Can u Pls Help Me @saad


Well, it depends on framework you are using like jquery, angular etc. i will recommend using PNP for crud operations with knockout.

import { Web } from "sp-pnp-js";

and in constructor add

this.pnpWeb = new Web("https://saad345.sharepoint.com/sites/dcdeveloper");

and finally

readListItems = function () {
    this.status("Loading ....");

    this.pnpWeb.lists.getById("Your list GUID")
      .items.select('Title', 'Id').get()
      .then((items: IListItem[]): void => {
        this.status("Error Loading items ....");
        if (items != undefined && items != null) {
          this.status("Successfully loaded all list items");
      }, (error: any): void => {
        this.status('Loading all items failed with error: ' + error);

You can use getByTitle method as an alternative to getById as well, i can help you further in case you need help.

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