I need to move documents from child level sub site document library to parent site. I tried using rest api MoveTo/CopyTo methods. But these methods are working only when the target and source libraries are present in the same site.

My requirement is I need to move documents from sub site level2 (https://SiteURL/Subsite1/Subsite2/LibraryName/filename.docx) source library to sub site level1 (https://SiteURL/Subsite1/LibraryName/filename.docx) target library.

Please suggest me how we can achieve this using REST API or any client side in Office 365 SharePoint Online.

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You could read the file by REST API, and then upload to parent site by REST API like:

/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('<list title>')/rootfolder/files/add 

Here is one similar thread for your reference: How to copy files between sites using JavaScript REST in Office365 / SharePoint 2013

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