I have been asked to remove default approval email when OOTB default workflows are sent when a workflow has started and completed. How do you remove them? I have checked under both "change the behavior of a single task" and "change the behavior of the overall task process" and I do not see a reference to the task "started" or completed" emails.

And if they can't be removed, is there a way to direct the email elsewhere?

This applies to SharePoint 2010.

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Refer following steps :

  1. Click on change behavior of the overall task process enter image description here

  2. Under 'When task process starts' there is one Email action (refer below)

    Remove this email action

enter image description here

  1. Re-Publish the workflow

  2. Done

  • Thank you please tell me though were to remove the :Completed"? Thank you. Apr 24, 2017 at 16:27

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