I have a feature which contains a custom content type. I've created a list based on this content type then proceeded into changing the feature version and performing an upgrade.

I have PushDown="TRUE" on the <AddContentTypeField> element of <UpgradeActions> and I want to see if the upgrade was propagated to the list.

How can I check that?


Check out SharePoint Manager - its a codeplex solution that you run on your server. With it, you'll be able to navigate into a site and review the CAML associated with the content types that have been deployed to a site.

  • Be sure to do a Run As Administrator on SharePoint Manager 2010 after extracting it
  • Using the explorer, navigate into the site you've deployed the content type to.
  • Expand the content types node, select your content type and move to the Schema Xml tab on the left had pane to view the XML of the content type.

Good luck.

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