I have a Sharepoint 2013 workflow made in SPD in Sharepoint Online, it works just great, but when the workflow is canceled manually, it doesn´t delete its associated tasks, How can I configure my workflow in order to deleted its associated tasks when it be canceled? I dont really find information about this.

is there any action or procedure which I can get advantage of to do it, that allows me to activate another workflow for delete the tasks or any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


The workflow tasks won`t delete the on cancellation of workflow. You have to delete these manually or automate if this process one of the following ways.

  1. Create a Powershell script and run this when required.
  2. Schedule this PowerShell to run daily.
  3. Create a site workflow to run daily.

cleanup tasks from workflows and deleted items

I haven`t tested this but found an useful solution they have for on premises but it may helpful to get started with an approach.

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