I have site collections list

I want to check if http://Rany1/xxx is exist using where-object instead of foreach if in power shell.

I tried Get-SPsite | where {$_Url -eq "http://Rany1/xxx"} it's not working

Help me please!!


there is small mistake in your code. there should be a "." after '$_". try this

Get-SPsite | where {$_.Url -eq "http://Rany1/xxx"}

And just to add to the list of options, you can also replace Where-Object and where with a little question mark ?.

Get-SPsite | ?{$_.Url -eq "http://Rany1/xxx"}

Reference: Where-Object

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    excellent new idea – Rany Apr 21 '17 at 13:05
Get-PNPSite | where-Object {$_["Url"] -eq "http://rany1/xxx"}

Small correction in your syntax.

Get-SPSite | Where-Object {$_.Url -eq "<<site url>>"}


  • excellent repeated answer :) – Rany Apr 21 '17 at 13:06

The below format also we can use

Get-PNPSite | where-Object {$_["Name"] -eq "Site name"}

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