I have a SharePoint list and the items within this list have one or more files attached. I need to mirror/ replicate these attachments to a client’s document repository.

To this end, I am trying to determine

  1. The attachments created date/ time (when the file was attached to the list item)
  2. The attachments last modified date/time
  3. The attachments GUID/ ID (I need a primary key to identify the document)

I am somewhat new to the SharePoint API and am struggling a little! I have tried the call below, but it does not contain the information I am looking for. Can anyone suggest a call or endpoint that might return what I’m looking for?


I don't think that this would solve the problem of getting an Id/GUID but you could use


to get the created date/time and modified date/time of the attachment. You would have to make this call for each individual attachment though. For a normal SharePoint file you could append /ListItemAllFields to the end of the url, which would allow you to get the ID, but it appears ListItemAllFields is null for attachments.

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  • Hi James- this is perfect and does indeed return the files GUID. – Monte_fisto Apr 21 '17 at 15:08
  • Glad it worked for you! I think the GUID is returned in SharePoint Online but isn't returned if you are using SharePoint Server 2013 – James11 Apr 21 '17 at 15:20

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