I'm trying to do this programmatically, but I don't get the behavior I expect even when using the GUI, so let's start from there: In SP Online I create a team site. I select to create a "Project Summary" Control and associated Task list. I all looks fine and dandy

Before first task is added

But as soon as I add my first task I only get a heads-up on the first task in the task list. The nice looking time line is gone!

After first task is added to tasklist

In some rare cases I have seen the timeline showing only the first task (but not the others) in the high lighted part (lower image). What am I doing wrong? I can't find another way to add tasks except for the "Edit the task list"-link.


Just in your task list > check the task and click on add to timeline as shown below:

enter image description here

Go back to your home page it will be shown in Project Summary web part.

enter image description here


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