I have been testing ability to use various tokens in SRC attribute for app parts in SharePoint 2013. I try to investigate if it's possible to have an apppart that points to a page that is outside app web.

Let's assume I have page that I'd like to reference in such location: /Pages/KeyPersons/KeyPersons.aspx on the site collection.

When I specify src attribute for the page in app part as that: Src="~site/Pages/KeyPersons/KeyPersons.aspx it works only on the root web, as on the sub-webs it tries to reference Pages library on the current web instead of the root web.

When I specify src attribute using ~sitecollection, the token is not resolved to site colletion URL - actually the token is not resolved at all - resulting source for the IFrame is as follows: src="~sitecollection/Pages/KeyPersons/KeyPersons.aspx". The page renders with an error:

The file or folder name contains characters that are not permitted. Please use a different name.

Any ideas why ~sitecollection token does not work?

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