Is it possible to do the following in SharePoint online?

  1. Upload a document to a document library
  2. Send this document for approval to a specific person (to approver)
  3. The approver to approve or reject the document

I appreciate if you could provide some details. Thanks


Yes, it's possible to Add approval workflow on the document library as OOTB as mentioned below:

  • Open your document library.
  • From the above ribbon > Click on Workflow Settings > Add a workflow.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note: By default, the Approval workflow is not activated and is not listed in the Select a workflow template list box of the association form. To make it available for use, a site administrator must activate them at the site collection level.

For more details to apply your above points check All about Approval workflows


You can attach Approval Workflow to the Document Library which is an out of the box workflow.

  • Go to Library Settings.
  • Workflow settings
  • Add a Workflow
  • Select "Approval Workflow" from the list of available workflows
  • Choose Name and when to raise workflow
  • Click "Next" it will ask for the approver details.
  • Click "Ok" to attach and satart running for new items.

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