I have a SharePoint Hosted App. Now I am adding a new list using "Add -> New Item -> Lists".

List got created. But my question is, I want to add an item so that when I install my SharePoint App, the list should create with that default item.

Is this possible? If yes please suggest some work arounds.

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Yes it absolutely possible like the good ole days of SSOM.

Go to the your listinstance.xml > elements.xml as below:

enter image description here

Then inside the xml, structure add your data as below:

<ListInstance Title="List1"
                Description="My List Instance">

          <Field Name="Title">Test1</Field>
          <Field Name="Title">Test2</Field>
          <Field Name="Title">Test2</Field>


Here, the default values should be inside <Data><Rows><Row>. After that, just deploy your app and default values would be present.

enter image description here

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