So I have a SharePoint 2010 farm. Last month I noticed it was getting unreasonably bigger, everything was working fine though. Then I noticed that Search_Service_Application_CrawlerStore..... database reached 200Gb. I tried shrinking it (simple recovery) but it doesn't seem to care. Any ideas?

  • Please tell us which part of the databases consumes most of the disk-space. Is it the data file (.mdf) or the logfile (.ldf). The correct solution heavily depends on that. – MHeld Apr 4 '17 at 14:56
  • It's the Data File. – Giorgos Kavalieratos Apr 5 '17 at 7:52
  • Then try the solution already provided by Alok. – MHeld Apr 5 '17 at 8:41

You may try these steps below. These will empty your search index before repopulating it and one will also loose crawl history.

  1. Central Admin-> Search service admin -> Index Reset. This will erase all the content Index.
  2. DB Server->Choose the Crawl DB ->Shrink the Crawl DB files.
  3. Start a full crawl.

Reference Link explaining the steps

  • I think the best time to try that is when no one is using it, so I'll get back at you when I run it. – Giorgos Kavalieratos Apr 5 '17 at 7:53

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