I want to fetch the document library object by passing the internalname of the doc lib. is it possible? like

 splist mydoclib = ospweb.lists.trygetlist("INTERNALNAME_OF_DOCLIB");

usually we pass the title/display name of the doc lib / list to fetch the object, but in my case there is a chance that, my customer my change the display name by modifying the doc lib title in future. i would like to avoid this in my code, such that i dont hardcode the doc lib name [display name] in my C# code. am using SSOM


The only way that I've figures for how to do this is to read all SPLists into an enumerable, then use a little LINQ magic to get the list you want based on InternalName using the SPList RootFolder.Name property. I have not tested the impact of reading all web lists into memory may have, but a basic example is below....

List<SPList> lists = oWeb.Lists.Cast<SPList>().ToList();
SPList oList = lists.First(o => o.RootFolder.Name == "YourListInternalName");
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  • I will test this and revert here. Thanks for your time. – dasarp Apr 19 '17 at 8:24

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