I try add sandbox solution to SharePoint 2013 on subsite with event reciver on list, and don't work ;(

On Root Web is O.K. event fired and do something what I wont, but when I activate feature on subsite then list was created but event don't working.

Does anyone know why? I don't have access to Farm server, so I can't doing something on web.config or Central Administration.


You can try couple of steps to see event receiver is attached to a list

  1. Check your scope.

  2. Run powershell to see list of event receivers on SP List.

    $web=Get-SPWeb ">"
    $list = $web.Lists["list name"]

    you can refer link http://nikcharlebois.com/retrieving-a-list-of-event-receivers-using-powershell/

  3. Or Use SPO browser tool to see event receivers from GUI you can download tool from here https://spcb.codeplex.com/
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Be sure that your feature has the correct scope site or web. This will determine when the EventReceiver fires.

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