I need to change the src of image using JQuery.

<a class="cbs-ItemLink" title="2E2" id="ctl00_ctl39_g_590482e6_7a32_435e_bcd5_0662381d98a8_csr1_2lines_pictureLink"> <img class="cbs-Thumbnail" src="/Style%20Library/16x16.ico" alt="2E2" id="ctl00_ctl39_g_590482e6_7a32_435e_bcd5_0662381d98a8_csr1_2lines_picture"> </a>

$("a.cbs-ItemLink img").attr('src','some value')

I have tried many things but it is giving the same error that attr is not a function.

Updated Question:-

Can you help me how to do it for all li tags like

  <li><div class="cbs-Item" data-displaytemplate="Item2Lines"><a class="cbs-ItemLink" title="2E2"><img class="cbs-Thumbnail" src="/Style%20Library/sharepoint-icon-32038-16x16.ico" alt="2E2">            </a><div class="cbs-Detail"><a class="cbs-Line1Link ms-noWrap ms-displayBlock" href="DMS/2E2" title="2E2">2E2</a></div></div</li>`

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If attr is not a function then $("a.cbs-ItemLink img") is not returning a DOM element

Check in F12 Console what $("a.cbs-ItemLink img") returns

Possible causes why it is not working inside the page:

  • DOM element doesn't exist yet when the code executes

Vanilla JavaScript (no jQuery required)

(More typing, saves you the hassle of loading a 90 KB library)

check value in the F12 console

document.querySelector("a.cbs-ItemLink img")

Should return DOM element

assign value

document.querySelector("a.cbs-ItemLink img").src = 'some value';

  • Yes this works for one item but can you please help me with the updated question, I need it to work for all li tags
    – KumarV
    Commented Apr 1, 2017 at 12:58
  • I have used $("#ctl00_ctl39_g_590482e6_7a32_435e__csr > ul > li").each(function(){ document.querySelector("a.cbs-ItemLink img").src = '/Style%20Library/sharepoint-icon-32038-16x16.ico'; }) But this is only changing first item..
    – KumarV
    Commented Apr 2, 2017 at 7:30
  • and also it is changing for first item when I do it from console in browser, but its not working when I have kept the code in .ready function. I have debugged also but not able to find exact reason. Please help me...
    – KumarV
    Commented Apr 2, 2017 at 7:34
  • Don't try and fix all problems in one try. Your first problem is that the DOM element is not available in the Browser in your document.ready function; fix the first problem First. Only you can fix this because only you have access to the environment. If you don't have enough JavaScript/DOM skills then you have to fix that problem first. Read blogs, see YouTube videos. It is like making a cake, if you can not make dough there is no point in trying to work with the sugar frosting. Commented Apr 2, 2017 at 9:52

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