I have created an list with Multiline text column. I am adding some text and some HTML. Once I read the value from text in angular js, and print it on screen, the HTML block written in the column is also rendered as text and not HTML.

How can I achieve this?

For reference: Value inside multiline column is :

This is the video 
<video src=""></video>

You need to use Angular's ng-bind-html directive.

In the html, it would be something like : <span ng-bind-html="item.Description"></span>

In your controller, you need to set the value of description as below:

Description: $sce.trustAsHtml(data.Description)

In your controller, also ensure that $sce is present as below:

myApp.controller('MyController', ['$sce', function($sce) {
    // ... [your code]

Reference - ngBindHtml

$sce - Strict Contextual Escaping

use $sce.trustAsHtml(string) to replicate ng-bind-html-unsafe in Angular

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