After much trouble, I have finally found a script tag in PersonalViews.aspx that was inserted by previous admin some time ago. This script tag references some javascript that is breaking when it reaches $. The error is '$ is undefined'

if ($("th").find(".ms-vh-div[name='ID']").parent("th").index() >= 0)

I do not know how to resolve this issue. Please advise? Thanks in advance.


Can you verify the jQuery file loading to the browser. Here are the steps

  • Open a page in browser (Steps below I am referring to Firefox)
  • Open Developer tool (F12)
  • Click on network tab and filter JS files by clicking "JS"
  • See you can find jQuery library file. It should be loaded inorder work jQuery

There will be conflict sometimes because multiple versions of jQuery files.

if ($("th").find(".ms-vh-div[name='ID']").parent("th").index() >= 0)

executes code when a View Column ID exists

and can be done without jQuery:

if( GetAncestor(document.querySelector("[name='ID']"),'TH') )

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