I know how to rename a list or library URL in SharePoint Designer 2010, but how will this affect workflows and InfoPath forms associated with the list? Will I need to go through all forms and workflows to update URLs?

Is there a way to rename the URL and automatically update workflows and forms?

I need to rename it because the original creator gave it a cumbersome name (52 characters and full of spaces), and we are having problems due to the length of the library name + the document name.

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In regards to the workflow, SharePoint will automatically update that information for you.

InfoPath is a little trickier. You could open your files within a text editor (e.g. Visual Studio) and update the publishing URLs.

Or you can:

  1. You can save as your existing list as template.
  2. At same site or different site, create new list using saved form template.
  3. Then go to New List - List Settings -> General Settings -> Form Settings.
  4. Select modify the existing Info Path Form
  5. Click button OK


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