I have installed SharePoint 2016 in single-server farm mode and I want to extend it to three-tier architecture now.

Is it possible to add another application server to the existing single-server farm that I have? or do I need to start freshly and use Multiple-Server farm option in SharePoint Products Configurations wizard during this SharePoint 2016 fresh installation?


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You donot need to start from fresh. Follow these steps.

  • Convert the existing server role from Single-Server to Custom / application (depending on your requirement). You can run the following powershell on the server Set-SPServer -Identity "ServerName" -Role "new role of server
  • Now you can add more server in the farm.

If you installed SharePoint as "Standalone Server" like described here, you can't change it to a Multi Server Farm afterwards.

When you however ran a complete installation of SharePoint on a single server and you're having a separate SQL Server, you still have the option to add Servers to the SharePoint farm, by running the Configuration Wizard on the servers you want to add.

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