I'm using SharePoint online and I've followed this solution URL in calculated column to create an hyperlink in a calculated column.

This is the formula I'm using:

="<a target='_blank' href='https://mysharepoint.sharepoint.com/site/documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?FilterField1=MyField&FilterValue1="
 &"'>See Data</a>"

I've also set the calculated column as Number.

But this is the result in my list:

enter image description here

Are solutions suggested in that post still working?

== UPDATE June 27, 2017 ==

Microsoft has disabled this functionality on June 13, 2017.

You can find other informations looking at this post: June 13th 2017 Microsoft blocked handling HTML markup in SharePoint calculated fields - how to get the same functionality back

="<a target=_blank "      
&""">See Data</a>"

Explanation: Make dynamic calculated column Formula URL open as modal

  • I used your formula, but SP still does not convert text to hyperlink – Pepozzo Mar 29 '17 at 10:15
  • As documented this (unsupported) Microsoft trick only works for non-Text Fields; and only in Classic SharePoint, are you trying this on a Modern Experience? Include a screenshot of your output to you question – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Mar 29 '17 at 10:24
  • Sorry, I forgot to set to classic SharePoint and not the modern. Now it works! – Pepozzo Mar 29 '17 at 10:46
  • 1
    Do you know if something has changed on SharePoint Online? Your formula is not working anymore and I see not rendered HTML. – Pepozzo Jun 26 '17 at 15:52
  • 3
    Yes, F!$!# Microsoft disabled everything on june 13 th.. search for their statement, there is also a Q/A here on SO with all details – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Jun 27 '17 at 8:08

your formula it's ok, under the Formula Box you need to change "The data type returned from this formula" as number by default is marked as "single line text"


Format the column using JSON to create a link


  • This is a great tip for SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Used it today! – Tom Resing Jul 15 '20 at 18:26

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