In Sharepoint 2013 on-premises I am creating a Workflow Interface. Actually I would like to avoid users to see the Workflow process on a List, so they just can see the Status but not click on it and also hide/delete the link on the E-Mail they receive.

I think I saw some Solutions in SharePoint Designer, but actually I am not allowed to use it (Although I am considering to order it).

Thanks in advance!


To remove the workflow status from the list you can edit the list view Edit Views

To Edit the Email part you required SharePoint Designer which is free and can be downloadable from here

  • Thanks for the answer. Actually I want the Status, I don´t want it as a link, but as a normal field where they can see if it´s in Progress and so. About the E-Mail I guess SharePoint Designer has the Solution (It would make my work extremely easier) but the Company where I work has thousands of limitations and they are giving me many Problems to get one. – Jorge Nitales Mar 29 '17 at 8:58

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