Are there two different types of Pages in Sharepoint?

I'm using SharePoint Online, and when I click Add Page, sometimes I get a full (ribbon) editor that allows for web parts, etc. Other times I get an editor that only allows me to embed documents, or a Yammer feed (no ribbon). I can't replicate how I got to the first kind, the second page type I access by clicking the Gear, and clicking 'Add a Page'

Simple Add Page View

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Yes it appears this has changed somewhat, I'm having the same issue, from the site contents, go to site pages, then from there you can select new > web part pages, this will give you the old traditional style page, I'm not sure on the differences but will be doing some research on this

  • I had this problem too, cheers Damj. This is literally the stupidest change that's been made to SPO and as you all know that's some pretty serious competition. Jun 13, 2017 at 13:46

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