I created an aspx page calling _spPageContextInfo to get information from the site.

If I include: <form id="Main" name="Main" runat="server"></form> on the body of the page spPageContextInfo brings all the information I need and runs the script just fine.

However, if I remove <form id="Main" name="Main" runat="server"></form> I get the following error: '_spPageContextInfo' is undefined and Unable to get property 'results' of undefined or null reference

I need to remove <form id="Main" name="Main" runat="server"></form> from the code as I want to add it the page to a webpart and webparts will not run with any reference to <form> in the code Any ideas? Thank you for the help.


It might be caused because your statement is running before _sppagecontextinfo loaded. Can you try to get the '_spPageContextInfo" in the document ready function and see still has an issue.

Thanks, Venkat Konjeti

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The answer was to understand how SP works. <form></form> is only needed when launching the page from outside SP.

I just needed to call _spPageContextInfo from within SP and included the script-page.aspx through the content editor's URL option.

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