We have a provider hosted app that is generally working.
The environment is set up and prepared (client id, secret, registered). The remote site is set up as well. When I add an app package (.app) to the AppCatalog, then navigate to a site collection>Site Contents>add an app>My App, the event receiver on the remote site fires, the app installs correctly and is fully functional.

The issue begins when I try to deploy the app not manually, but by using the following Powershell cmdlets:

$spapp=Import-SPAppPackage -Path C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\app\Package.app -Site http://MyServer/sites/site1 -Source CorporateCatalog
$ii=Install-SPApp -Web http://MyServer/sites/site1 -Identity $spapp

The deployment fails and the error says:
The remote event receiver callout failed. Details: Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.

From the ULS: enter image description here

When I install manually - ULS (successful despite all the exceptions :/ ) enter image description here

In both cases I am using the same .app package. Issue occurs on 2013 and 2016. Obviously I have permissions to the remote event receiver because it is the same one I am using when deploying the app manually.

I run Powershell as Administrator. I have no option of changing anything in the app code since the installation is... well... working the usual user way via AppCatalog.

Any advice is very welcome.


A semi-solution is to use Update-SPApp instead of Install.

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