I am referring to the following link for disposing the SharePoint objects. Basically, I understand that mainly SPSite and SPWeb are the 2 objects that use unmanaged code.

Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

I have a Windows Service that loops through all the web applications, then site collections within it and then the sub sites in it. In this, I am carefully disposing SPSite and SPWeb objects. Still there appears to be memory leaks, which I am not able to catch. I tried using SPDisposeCheck, but it doesn't seem to be reliable. I know about SPCAF, but it is paid. I am not sure if there are other tools which are free and reliable for checking memory leaks. Can anyone please help?

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Are there other tools which are free and reliable for checking memory leaks.

Yes, Microsoft provides a tool called the “Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF)” that is available in a SharePoint 2010 and a SharePoint 2013 version.

For more details about MSOCAF check https://caf.sharepoint.microsoftonline.com/

But what I think it'll give you a similar result as SPDisposeCheck result. So I suggest requesting a free SPCAF trial for at https://trial.spcaf.com/ and compare the result with MSOCAF.

For more details check (MSOCAF) and (SPCAF) features comparison

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