Note this is a quasi Word/SharePoint question. I will also post in Word


  1. I have MS Word Documents with Tracking Off (MS Word setting) and Major Versions On (SharePoint Setting)

    The MS Word Document is Opened and I click on the Review Tab and then Compare. I then select to Compare Specific versions. In my example I have chosen to compare version 6 with version 1.

    Word opens an additional 3 documents at this point (version 1 and version 6 and a document called Compare1)

    Within the Comapre1 document I see all the differences between documents

    Within the Compare1 document I select within the Review Tab to Accept All Changes

Problem The problem is I want all the changes to be reflected in the ORIGINAL document I opened from within MS SharePoint. However, it appears the changes are only reflected in the Compare1 document In addition if I do a save as with the Compare1 document it will attempt to save the document locally not SharePoint

Question Very frustrating - Word does a great job of showing me the differences and then accepting or rejecting the changes, but no way to overwrite the original document I opened from within SharePoint. I am sure I must be overlooking something - surely I can update the original without having to save off Compare1 locally and then loading Compare1 to SharePoint and then renaming the the Compare1 document to the Original document.


I hope restoring the Compare-1 as current version would solve your concern...

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