I want to apply permissions for documents uploaded within the folder in a document library where , the permissions are broken for the doc lib and only a particular group's members is going to upload in the folder.


  1. Have enabled versions for the document library with only major versions.
  2. Require documents to be checked out is set as FALSE [NO]. i cant give contribute permissions for the documents uploaded here, in this folder and users should not edit as well. There is no metadata[ other fields] associated it with this document library.
  3. How to create a custom permission level satisfying the above requirements?

this is my custom permission level, i tried: but somehow , am not able to check-in the document after i uploaded into the folder:


what kind of permission level I need to create for a user to Edit the documents within a folder and check-in the same and DO NOT DELETE as well.

  • can anyone who has coded in itemlevel permissions in SSOM,experienced the same situation ? if yes, please throw some light on this. – userAZLogicApps Mar 20 '17 at 5:12

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