I created external list in SP2013 which has more than 2000 rows but I still cannnot read it all, error is:

Database Connector limited response. The response from the database contains more than 2000 lines. The maximum number of lines that can be read by a database connector, is 2000. Restrictions may be altered through routine Set-SPBusinessDataCatalogThrottleConfig.

Here is result of powershell script from this site: enter image description here and here from CA: enter image description here

Only when I have new view in database with only 1999 rows or create filter limit in SPD, I can see the external list in SP. What can I do?


Your issue is one of the famous limitation of BCS External list in SharePoint. Moreover, exceeding the default max size is not recommended and not have any effect based on Microsoft support response.

What can I do?

Unfortunately, there are no OOTB workarounds rather than what you have done!

  • Using Filter.
  • Make sure that the maximum items less than 2000.

Meanwhile, you can pay a 3rd party tool like ​The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint

  • It can be used to connect almost any external data source to native SharePoint lists, e.g. SQL, ERP/CRM, OData etc.

  • It is made for large scale external data integration scenarios as well and can manage more than 200.000 external items without any issues.

  • 3rd party tool I cannot buy, so 1999 items must be OK. Thanks for explanation. – Zbyna Mar 21 '17 at 9:03

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