In document library are several folders and documents.
Name column is linked to it's document. I created custom site pages for some of those folders and for all other folders I don't custom site page.
I have additional column let's say URLText (see image), where I store that custom page url.

What I want to do is to create additional column Link, that should check whether column URLText is empty or not. If empty copy link to folder from column Name and if not empty copy link from URLText column.

Thinking of creating WF in SPD2013, but is there faster/smarter/easier solution?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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I did it with SPD workflow. Bellow is print-screen of a workflow.enter image description here

So I created additional two columns, beside FolderURLText. FolderURLLink and Document Name.
1st two columns are single line of text and Document Name is calculated column,

Document Name ="<a href='"&FolderURLLink&"'>"&Title&"</a>"

I didn't have to have this column, as FolderURLLink would do the job but I wanted to be more user friendly so I hid URL and put Title label instead.


You can use a calculated column, but you can't get the link in Name directly. You'll have to generate it in your calculated column using the same parameters (i.e. ID) that SharePoint uses to generate it.

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