We have a library in SharePoint where we use versioning. We also insert the version number from SharePoint to a label in the header in Word. It works well. See the method here: https://collab365.community/forum/topics/how-to-automatically-insert-the-document-version-from-sp-in-a/

Now we want to move the library to a site in a different site collection. There are several methods to do this. You can save the library with the document as a template that you saved as file and upload to the other site. You can use Windows PowerShell. You can use a third-party product such as Share-gate.

The versioning is on in the new library.

The problem with them all is that the version number in the documenten doesn't come with the label in a proper manner. The version number is not included in the document correctly. Either it turn up like “{_UIVersionString}” or it goes to back to the first number (1 or 0.1) or it goes down a version so that the version number 5 becomes 4, 4 becomes 3 and so on. The last example was with Share-gate.

Does anyone know of a method or tool for moving a library of documents that have the version number in labels that managed to move the documents while maintaining the version number of the documents?

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