I have a list which triggers a workflow at the end to move the form (copy > delete) to another list. The form has a calculated field I am using to give the form a specific reference number. When I copy the list the reference number changes which it CANNOT do. Any help would be great. Perhaps a different approach to the reference number issue. Calculated value below:


Calculated fields and ID don't work well, as you've found. The copied item will have its own ID, and that's why your ref is changing.

I'd do a mix of calculated fields and workflow.

Create a new field in both lists called OriginalID (or whatever). In workflow, when a new item is created in the original list, update OriginalID to the actual ID. Base the calculated field on the OriginalID field instead of the ID field.

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  • I'll try this and see how I go. Thanks Robin. I will get back to you. – garvon-77 Mar 14 '17 at 23:14

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